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Career News for May 2007
Preparing for Opportunities

AUTHOR:      Gayle Oliver
PUBLISHED:  July 7, 2007

For those of us in Hotlanta, the nickname proves all too true this week. Along with temperatures heating up to record highs, so is the job market continuing to boil with new opportunities. Recruiters are losing candidates to counteroffers, candidates are requesting signing bonuses, and companies are finding the ?impending? talent crisis already beginning to simmer, even before the baby boomers retire. Candidates KNOW they are in control again. With that in mind, expect to get more recruiter calls. In addition to inquiries about whether you are ?happy in your job,? you are undoubtedly going to be asked to ?send over a copy of your updated resume.? The question is do you have one? If not, you may want to consider learning more about how to communicate your credentials by attending our May 17th resume writing seminar. I will be instructing the session and providing you with a copy of the Execume Resume Writing CD, which includes 75+ sample resumes, cover letters, and thank you notes, along with our resume templates that take the hassle out of formatting your most important career correspondence.

After all, if you have been paying your dues since the turn of the century, and wondering how to cash in on these past 5 years in high demand jobs during the employers? market, dust off your old resume and give it an update. Now is the time to capitalize on your hard-earned, accumulated expertise. Just like in the late ?90s, you, as candidates, have the ability to be selective again and to make the moves that best suit your career goals, not just your employers.?

All the best, Gayle

Gayle Oliver, President and CEO


The job market, though volatile as ever, still offers many candidates the freedom to choose. Despite all the uncertainty surrounding interviewing, fact-finding, and job-offer negotiations, candidates often find themselves having to decide between one job or another. If you are fortunate enough to have a choice in the matter, choose wisely. Remember the dog that looked into the lake and tried to grab both bones?

It works that way with job offers too! A fortunate job seeker looks in the mirror one day and thinks: ?Not just one company, but two want me?How cool am I?? Good for you. It?s nice to feel loved. While you?re feeling proud, remember to give yourself a reality check if one of those two companies is your current employer. Bring your ego back down to earth if the day you give your notice is the day you finally feel appreciated. If that?s the moment your boss starts ?laying it on thick? about your worth and begging you to stay, take the compliment but forget any future job opportunity with them. People will say almost anything to keep employees from walking out the door at an inopportune time. With mergers, acquisitions, and every conceivable corporate uncertainty facing leaders today, they can rarely live up to the promises made under duress upon your unplanned departure.

Think about the last time you left a relationship. The promises made in response to fear of loss are not the kind you should plan your future around. Whether it?s about careers or love, when some people value you most is when you?re heading out the door, and it?s probably a good idea to keep on going. Once you?ve made a clear, well-thought-out decision, rethinking it is likely to cloud the issues and ultimately create havoc in your life. Often, making good decisions simply means sticking to the ones you?ve already made and leaving the past behind.

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